Friday, April 5, 2024

Spring has sprung so make your home shine

By Theresa Bouchard

Spring has arrived, which means it’s time to get your home in tip-top shape. Whether you are staying in your home or preparing it to sell, a good, deep spring-cleaning is essential both inside and out!

Traditionally, spring cleaning is a way to promote wellness in your home by keeping your environment clean, organized, and tidy. If you are selling your home in the impending spring market, this is your opportunity to make your home sparkle to attract buyers and show your home is well cared for.

Spring cleaning can be overwhelming so making a checklist can be helpful and keep you on track. Assigning a task or two each day for two weeks will help you accomplish a much-needed refresh to your home after the winter months.

Day 1

Declutter. As we hibernate during the winter months, we tend to accumulate more items than we need. If you haven’t seen or used something in a year, get rid of it! This includes food items, clothing, toiletries, etc. This will make you love your home again or attract a buyer’s eye!

Day 2

Organize. Organizing creates order in your life. From kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, laundry rooms, linen closets, basements, garages, you name it, organizing will give you a great sense of accomplishment!

Day 3

Wash your windows inside and out! With the buds blooming and the beautiful shades of green showing through, we want to be able to see it from our homes. Get those windows to shine!

Day 4

Clean all baseboards, banisters, walls, and mirrors then move on to all surfaces such as kitchen counters, backsplashes, vanities, etc. Then wipe down all electronics throughout the home and your office. Boost the air quality in your home by eliminating all that dust and grime! You will be happy you did!

Day 5

Power wash. Winter can cause a lot of wear and tear on the exterior of a home. Break out that power washer to give your home a new refreshing look! While you are at it, clean and sanitize your outdoor furniture and trash cans!

Day 6

Focus on soft materials in your home such as washing all curtains (including shower curtains) and all bed linens in each room. Use a cloths line to give your soft items a fresh spring smell!

Day 7

Clean and sanitize all appliances inside, outside, top and bottom!

Day 8

Change all filters such as furnace, water filters, heat pumps, etc. Replace burnt out lightbulbs.

Day 9

Clean all kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Also, clean toilets, sinks and showers/tubs. Cleaning makes everything look new again!

Day 10

Vacuum out couch and chairs (you may find some money), wash couch cushions, wash rugs and sweep, vacuum and mop all floors. Make those floors shine!

Day 11

Shampoo all wall-to-wall carpets and change out batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Day 12

Step outside! Begin yard clean up with weeding, racking, blowing leaves, power washing decks and patios, etc. The exterior of your home speaks volumes! Driving into a well-manicured property is a great feeling and shows the homeowners care for their home.

Spring cleaning is a lot of work but well worth it in the end so you can relax and count down the days to summer in Maine!

If you are selling your home, this spring-cleaning checklist will make your home stand out above the rest! Along with an excellent real estate agent, talented photographer and professional home stager, you will be well on your way to attracting buyers to your decluttered, well organized, sparkling clean home!

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