Friday, February 9, 2024

Fall in Love with Your Dream Home: A Real Estate Romance

By Nicole Foster, Broker/ REALTOR

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, love is in the air and the pulse of the local real estate market is really beginning to heat up with a boost to the number of new listings coming to the market each day. Turn your real estate crush into more than just a fantasy in 2024 by making your move with the help of a matchmaker extraordinaire: your fabulous REALTOR!

Don’t Fall in Love to Soon: A Prelude to Happily Ever After

Picture yourself scrolling along when your heart begins to flutter after seeing a fine-looking new listing, fresh to the market. You drive by to see it’s in the perfect location and you are completely smitten, possibly obsessed. If you want a happy ending when shopping for a new home, it’s important to start at the beginning. Get pre-approved or pre-qualified with a trusted lender, ensuring that when you find “The One” it’s a match made in financial heaven.

How I Love Thee: Letters to the Seller

Looking to build a deeper connection? Prospective home buyers who wish to proclaim their love of the brick and mortar by penning a letter to the homeowner should first consult with their matchmaking REALTOR. It is possible that the sellers have requested that this display of affection not be shared with them, and your agent can help to guide you in how to draft this and help by including it with your real estate “proposal of marriage, with a mortgage.”

The One That Got Away: The Ultimate Real Estate Love Triangle

You don’t want your dream home slipping through your fingers because your current castle is practically destroyed. Get on top of things by having your current home ready for its grand entry to the spring market, if you need to sell in order to buy. Usually, a seller will want to see your current home listed with a top-notch REALTOR and on the market within a week or so.

When Not to Follow Your Heart’s Desire

It’s important not to wear rose-colored glasses when your heart quickens at the fixer upper you believed was special and not like all the others. Your heart is selecting paint colors for each room while your brain is busy calculating the costs of repairs and updating, like a dreamy waltz through the transaction. Sometimes you must allow your head to lead the dance and knowing when can make all the difference in the world. When the dance floor gets crowded with emotion and financial decisions, turn to your experienced dance instructor and REALTOR to help you find your tempo again.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Real Estate Edition

Sometimes real estate agreements hit a rocky patch, which can be disappointing, but don’t lose heart! Your REALTOR is the relationship guru who can guide you through the procedures and timeframes, as it is just like a breakup only with more paperwork. I’ve witnessed several occasions where the parties have gone their separate ways only to realize that they were meant to be, after some reflection or seeing that the grass may not be any greener elsewhere, then coming back together to close and live happily ever after.

Keeping it Fresh: After the Closing

After the dust begins to settle following the whirlwind which has been your life while moving and you begin to settle into your daily routines, it’s easy to lose that spark that you felt when you entered your home for the first time. You may be yearning for the visions of this space to finally take shape or feel discouraged that things haven’t gone as planned when you first purchased it. All too often we wait until it is time to sell and move to put the effort into making our homes look their very best. Shower your home with the affection that it craves, and you will love the results.

Be sure to work with a local expert who is passionate about real estate to save yourself a whole lotta heartache. It is rumored that buyers may start to see some love with mortgage interest rates predicted to lower in 2024.

Nicole Foster is a real estate broker with Locations Real Estate with 19 years of experience and a Windham parent who loves people and real estate. Follow Nicole on Instagram @207nicolefoster or Facebook

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