Friday, October 20, 2023

Real Estate: Selling Maine

By Richie Vraux

As a kid, I always remember the spring, summer and fall weekends and holidays at our camp on Granger Pond in Denmark. The nightly bonfires, the great fishing and canoe trips we would have as a family. At that time, I told myself, This is where I want to live. I always love the different lifestyle where you know the true change of seasons.

When you think about Quality of Life, Maine has to be ranked in the top 10. According to the US News and World Report, Maine has one of the safest states to live in.

The fall is truly one of my favorite seasons, warm days and chilly nights that leads to the most colorful foliage in the country. Winters can be severe depending on what part of Maine, a land area of 30,836.600 square miles, you live in.

The true Mainers say, that depending on whether you live north or south of Maine, there are only two seasons: summer and preparing for winter.

There are lots of snowbirds that go south for the winter, but then, always come back in the early spring to arrive back to open up their summer homes.

Then get their boats ready to launch and tear open the BBQ for some of Maine’s red hot dogs and hamburgers and oh yes, the lobster bakes. We are so lucky to live in an area that starts off the new year with dog sled races and skiing on some of the best slopes in the country. We also have the fishing derbies, both in the summer and winter ice fishing.

Maine has over 6,000 lakes and ponds where even the biggest fishing enthusiasts are found at either Sebago or Moosehead lakes or any other wonderful water bodies. Whether is salt water or freshwater, Maine is for you.

Forbes Magazine has rated Portland one of the most livable cities and one of the most affordable cities to retire to according to AARP. Maine has one the most spectacular coastlines and spectacular lakes. Just think of other parts of the country: the mudslides and wildfires on the west coast, temperatures over 100 degrees, the tornadoes of the mid-west, and other parts of the country with natural disasters. I will always choose Maine.

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If a property is priced appropriately, it won’t be on the open market for very long. As a result, be very prepared. Unless you are making a cash offer - always, always, always have a pre-qualification letter in hand so it can be presented to the seller’s agent, at the time of the offer.

Be aware that if there has been a lot of activity on a property, it has become commonplace that agents are submitting offers well above asking price.

Also, other things you should know about houses are if they are: occupied, vacant, in foreclosure, short-sale or bank owned. You should know as much information as possible about each property before making an appointment. Make sure you tell your Realtor® your timeframe for buying or selling. <

Richie Vraux is a Realtor/ Broker with: Better Homes and Gardens-The Masiello Group 76 Tandberg Trail, Windham, ME 04062. You can contact Richie at 207-317-1297 or by email at


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