Friday, September 15, 2023

Real Estate: 8 small ways to give your home a facelift without spending a cent

Complied by Carrie Colby

1. Join a Local Buy Nothing Group
The whole idea of “one man’s trash” is the inspiration for Buy Nothing Groups, but in this case it’s less trash and more a fabulous lamp or a piece of furniture from a neighbor that could be yours for free. To find a Buy Nothing Group, check apps like Facebook or Next Door. You’ll find a hyper local group–meaning everyone in the group lives close to you. Then you can start searching for items that your neighbors are getting rid of, and the best part– everything offered up in the group is always free. So, their trash becomes your treasure.

2. Declutter

Instantly change the look of any space by decluttering. Take on any clutter that is gathering on your nightstand and get rid of it. If your dining table is doubling as a “catch all,” clear it all out. If your decor looks outdated, it’s time to move it out. If tackling a decluttering project feels overwhelming, start small with one room at a time. Create piles for items to trash, donate and sell. As you move items out, your space will instantly open up, and look cleaner. Plus, if you followed step one, you now have plenty of items to offer up to neighbors.

3. Rearrange Your Furniture
Easy on your wallet (maybe not so easy on your back), rearranging your furniture can make your space look completely different. Change the placement of a couch or end table for a new look in your living room. If there is a chair in your home office that is taking up too much space, move it to your bedroom to fill an empty corner. The best part about this free design trick, it works for every room in your home.

4. Use Up Half-Empty Paint Cans
If you’ve got paint cans laying around from a previous DIY project, use up the paint to freshen up a small room. If you don’t have enough paint to cover all of the walls, create an accent wall in a room or give a piece of furniture a facelift by adding a fresh coat of paint. Even touching up baseboards and trim will give your space a free facelift. If your front door is looking weathered, paint will quickly bring it back to life

5. Give Your Walls a New Look
If you have a piece of art or a framed photo that you love, move it from one room to another. The simple act of hanging the piece in a new room of your home can give your favorite wall decor a fresh new look. You can also take on a DIY project and paint the frames in a fun pop of color or give a monochromatic and dramatic look by painting the frame black. If you have a collection of frames gathering dust, put them to use by swapping out the frames on pieces you already have hanging, or print off a few photos and fill your shelves with new framed photos.

6. Bring in the Light
Walk though your house and open up curtains and blinds. Let the natural light wash over each room and brighten your space. Not only will this give you an instant mood boost, but the extra light will actually change the look of your home. If you already have light bulbs waiting to be used, another easy way to add more light to your home is to swap out dull and dark lights for brighter bulbs. The same goes for any bulbs that are burnt out.

7. Display Your Favorite items
There’s no need to go shopping for decor pieces when you can use a few of your favorite things in the design of your home. If you’ve got a fabulous collection of hats, turn them into a work of art by hanging them on the wall as a gallery in your bedroom. Take a beloved collection out of storage and display the items on shelves in your living room. In the kitchen, if you take pride in your cookware, show it off by hanging the items above your island. If you have items you love, let them double as beautiful decor.

8. Freshen Up Your Bed
If you’ve got a reversible duvet or comforter, flip it over and try living with a different design on your bed for a while. Move throw pillows and blankets that are in other rooms, or have been taking up space in your closets, to different beds in your home.

Carrie Colby is a Broker with Allied Real Estate, 909 Roosevelt Trail in Windham. She can be reached at 207-232-5497.

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