Friday, August 11, 2023

Real Estate: Selling your home? Stage It

By Theresa Bouchard

Selling a home can be one of the most stressful events people deal with in their lifetime. Although starting a new chapter in one’s life can be very exciting, it can also create anxiety, sadness, and uncertainty as you begin to pack up the memories created in the home with your loved ones.

What is Staging?

Staging a home is an art, but also a science. Professional stagers create spaces that “feel like home” which attracts mass buyer appeal. Professional staging allows for potential buyers to visualize themselves in the home, which creates an immediate personal attachment. This will make prospective buyers feel confident about investing in a place where they feel comfortable and can visualize creating new memories for years to come!

Why use a Professional Home Stager?

The use of digital marketing promotes properties and is the first step to creating a mass flow of buyers to the property. Professional stagers understand the power of photography and know how important photography is to sell a home. With this knowledge and understanding, home stagers apply specific techniques such as appropriate placement of furnishings and décor, lighting, color, symmetry, and scale to ensure the photographer can capture the essence of the home and create an emotional connection as buyers conduct online searches. Online listings are the first step to attracting prospective buyers to a property. This will increase the number of showings and fast-track the sale of your home!

Professional home stagers consistently adapt to the ever-changing trends people see on television and social media. Home stagers incorporate these trends, while factoring in the aesthetics of the home, its location, and its market demographic. Home staging captures your home’s most attractive features while minimizing the home’s limitations. Some homes on the market are dated but with home staging, prospective buyers can visualize the house as their home and imagine the potential it may have in the future.

Staging Benefits

o Staging shows the buyers the property’s true potential

o Buyers realize and appreciate the benefits of purchasing a professionally staged property

o Professionally stage properties show better than competing ones for sale, including new construction homes and higher-priced properties

o Staged properties sell faster when compared with properties that have not been staged

o Staged properties can increase the number of offers and selling price in any market

o Buyers view professionally staged listings as well-maintained

o Buyers’ agents recognize that professionally staged listings are “move-in” ready and are more inclined to show staged properties

o Photos of professionally staged listings look better on the MLS, as well as in print

o Professionally staged listings STAND OUT in prospective buyers’ minds

Staging Statistics per Real Estate Staging Association (RESA)

o 85 percent of homes sold for 5 to 23 percent over asking list price

o Approximately 75 percent of sellers saw a ROI of 5 to 15 percent over asking price

o Staged homes sell faster, averaging just 23 days on the market

Various Staging Options

Occupied Staging Consultations

o This service includes a walk-through of your home with a professional stager that provides guidance to the seller on how to prepare the home for sale. This service includes a detailed, actionable report (checklist form) to make the process easier on the seller. The report provides recommendations on cosmetic updates, lightening fixtures, organization pointers, etc., basically anything that will allow the seller to list at a higher price.

o Additionally, the professional home stager offers services to come to your home, use your existing items and apply the home staging techniques to make your home shine above the rest!

Vacant Home Staging

o This service includes a walk-through of your home with a professional stager so they can gain the overall essence of the home and its location.

o The professional home stager will recommend which rooms should be staged and provide a proposal

o Once the proposal is accepted, the professional home stagers will select the appropriate furnishings and décor for the home and schedule an installation date to make your home ready for the go-live listing date

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