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Real Estate: How to make your AirBnB /VRBO shine above the rest

By Theresa Bouchard

Theresa Bouchard is the 
owner/designer of
TS Staging And Design.
AirBnb and VRBO are hot in today’s vacationing market! People want to get away from their everyday lives for rest and relaxation and to gain a new and exciting experience! How can AirBnB and VRBO owners provide this to their vacationers! Here are some tips on how to make your rental property shine and gain positive reviews to create an attraction whether seasonal or all year round!

o Easy access to the property and how to leave it when checking out.

o Cleanliness. The property is CLEAN and tidy!

o Kitchen and Bathroom Amenities are very important to guests.

o Complementary coffee, tea, and hot cocoa (and a variety of sweeteners)

o Adequate dishware, glassware, and pots and pans. Basically, anything that you would use in your everyday kitchen.

o A lobster pot and tools should guests want to truly experience Maine.

o Complementary toiletries such as toothpaste, extra toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and the list goes on! Ask yourself, “what amenities would I like while I am on vacation?”

o Clean and COMFORTABLE beds. Don’t skimp on the beds as a good night’s sleep is what vacationers are looking for. A cheap, uncomfortable bed can be a deal breaker for return guests, reviews and referrals.

o Clean and comfortable linens. While vacationing, I want to crawl into a cozy bed with sheets of comfort and fluffy, soft blankets and comforters. Additionally, having soft, large bath towels makes all the difference for showering. And always have extra of everything on hand.

o Living space should be comfortable and accommodate the number of guests the property allows. A TV with access to local channels, Netflix and Hulu are always appreciated.

o Internet access. It is important to have your internet access information easily accessible for your guests. Another nice touch is to have a charging station available to accommodate all types of phones.

o Games. Both indoor games and outdoor games (depending on the season) will thrill your guests as this gives them something to do while waiting for the others to get ready before they leave to explore areas of Maine.

o Outdoor area to lounge and relax during those summer months. If you have room on your property for a firepit, that is a huge bonus. Who doesn’t love a good fire with drinks, good conversation and family and friends.

o Information. Provide your guests with information about the local area, hot spots of Maine and where to get a good lobster roll! Providing information on restaurants, beaches, events, etc., creates an ease for your guests so they don’t have to figure out what are best places to go!

o Rules. A guest handbook is a great way to communicate the rules to your guests. Do they need to use certain trash bags, where do they put the trash, is there a noise curfew, etc. Having rules creates an expectation for both guest and property owners which leaves no guessing for either party.

o Décor. Your rental property should stand out above the rest! How? Don’t have mediocre décor in the rental property. Instead, have different conversation pieces that people can talk about. Create a theme. My AirBnB is called Theresa’s Maine Adventure and is everything Maine. Each room is themed with the Ocean, Lake/Camp room and a birch tree room. The reviews from my guests always mention the décor and the theme I created. My guests love it.

Incorporating these suggestions will serve you well as a property owner from a return-on-investment perspective and also ensure people have the best time possible during their stay in Maine.

If you would like assistance on how to enhance your existing rental property or are interested in creating an AirBnB or VRBO, TS Staging and Design would be happy to assist.

As the owner and designer at TS Staging and Design, along with my team of talented designers, we can turn your rental property into a reoccurring vacation spot for your guests and attract even more vacationers! < 

Theresa Bouchard is the Owner/Designer of TS Staging and Design. Call her at 207-400-9393.

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