Friday, April 15, 2022

Real Estate: Signs of significant new development at Quarry Ridge Business Park

By Larry Eliason

Over the past two years, I have written articles about commercial real estate lot sales and new development activity at the Quarry Ridge Business Park with an emphasis on Enterprise Drive and Bedrock Terrace. Enterprise Drive is just off Roosevelt Trail/Route 302.  

This Business Park is a Grondin Family investment in Windham.  I wanted to provide an update so everyone can learn about the substantial amount of new commercial real estate development activity now in the works for this Business Park.

Six commercial lots have sold in this Business Park since the Windham Town Council approved the Enterprise Development Zone for Medical and/or Adult Use Cannabis Grows and Manufacturing Operations back in 2020. One of the six lots sold has a brand new 12,500-square-foot Commercial Building being built by Patco Construction for Paul’s Boutique Nursery Cannabis, and it is almost complete.

And a very large parcel of land separate from those lots located behind Genest Concrete will soon become the home for Copart International with a 7,300-plus square-foot Auto Auction Facility that is being built by Great Falls Construction.  

The new commercial real estate development at this Business Park is providing good paying construction jobs in the short-term and will provide new manufacturing, auto auction and a variety of other good paying jobs for the long-term. There are additional new large commercial buildings being planned now by some of the other new commercial lot owners along Enterprise Drive and Bedrock Terrace.

The intent of the Enterprise Development District is to provide a unique area within the Town of Windham to allow manufacturing, processing, treatment, warehousing, storage, research, and distribution with safe, well-regulated vehicle access located off a major street which can conform to the performance standards set forth in this section and in all other applicable ordinances of the Town of Windham.

The following uses are currently allowed in the Enterprise Development District:

Auction House, Automobile Auction Facility, Automobile Repair Services, Building, Accessory, Business and Professional Office, Contractor Services, Contractor Storage Yard, Construction Services, Heavy, Major Construction Services, Heavy, Minor, Convention Center, Distribution Facility, Forestry, Hotel, Industry, Heavy, Industry, Light, Marijuana Cultivation Facility, Marijuana Manufacturing Facility, Marijuana Testing Facility, Mineral Extraction, Motel, Public Utility Facility, Retail Sales, Accessory, Small Engine Repair, Use, Accessory Warehousing, Private Warehousing, Public, Wireless Telecommunications Tower and Facility

Quarry Ridge Business Park off Enterprise Drive is located on approximately 1,000 acres of land. Phase 1A was built in 2004 and was anchored by Genest Concrete products and LaValley Lumber Building Supply.  The LaValley property was acquired by Tube Hollows International in 2012.

Phase 1B was approved by the town of Windham in 2006 and since then mining of the gravel pit and quarry has progressed enough to leave behind flat buildable lots available for industrial use. The entire development is served by public water, electric including (three-phase) and natural gas. Phase 2 planning is now underway and additional commercial lots should be available in the future.

There is an existing MDOT traffic movement plan in place that will eventually include a much-needed traffic signal at the intersection of Enterprise Drive and Route 302.

As a Commercial Real Estate Broker and a Windham Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) volunteer, I see millions of dollars in new investment coming to this Business Park in the coming years.  The commercial tax base being generated will provide the Town of Windham with a valuable commercial tax base to help provide additional infrastructure and services to the residents of Windham.

Keep an eye out for the next phase of development in the Quarry Ridge Business Park. <

Larry Eliason is a Commercial Broker with Butts Commercial Brokers and is President of Windham Economic Development Corporation (WEDC).

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