Friday, July 31, 2020

Real Estate: An experienced broker can help acquire land for cannabis business

The Enterprise Development District (ED Zone) is now one of two designated areas in Windham specifically zoned for cannabis growing, cannabis processing and cannabis testing in addition to a wide variety of other traditional uses.

The Windham Town Council in recent months voted to add the Enterprise Development District and the Industrial District as zones that will permit cannabis business operations while commercial zones in Windham will no longer accommodate Cannabis related Businesses unless they have been grandfathered.

The intent of the Enterprise Development District (ED Zone) is to provide a unique area within the Town of Windham to allow manufacturing, processing, treatment, warehousing, storage, research and distribution with safe, well-regulated vehicle access located off a major street which can conform to the performance standards set forth in this section and in all other applicable ordinances of the Town of Windham. Enterprise Development District is located right off Route 302 on Enterprise Drive in North Windham. This zone offers business owners a wide variety of uses and has ample land area for large commercial buildings and large-scale projects. For easy reference, you can access Enterprise Drive directly off Route 302. The Ice Cream Dugout is at the corner and just down Enterprise Drive is Genest Concrete. There is ample vacant land available there for new commercial development purposes.
The following uses shall be permitted in the Enterprise Development District as a matter of right; auction house; automobile auction facility; automobile repair services; building, accessory, business and professional offices; contractor services; contractor storage yard; construction services; heavy major construction services; heavy convention center; distribution facility; forestry, hotel, industry and heavy industry; light; marijuana cultivation facility; marijuana manufacturing; facility marijuana testing facility; mineral extraction;  motel; public utility facility; retail sales; accessory; small engine repair; public warehousing; private warehousing; and public wireless telecommunications tower and facility.

In addition to the permitted uses, there are a couple of conditional uses that may be an option as well including automobile storage lot and shipping containers.
All buildings or structures shall be connected to the public water supply and have a sprinkler system, or a fire suppression system installed when required by the Town of Windham Building Code and the town may require groundwater monitoring of the project at the owner’s expense.

Noise is required to be muffled so as not to be objectionable due to emission, beat frequency or shrillness. The emission of odorous or toxic matter in such quantities as to be readily detectable at any point along any lot lines creating a public nuisance or hazard is prohibited. utilities, including telephone and electrical services, are required to be placed underground.

Those considering this type of business also are required to submit information demonstrating compliance with any applicable federal, state or local requirements. If the application does not require subdivision or site plan review, the information shall be submitted to the Code Enforcement Officer for approval before a building permit is issued. The maximum permitted density of smoke, dust and other particulate emissions during normal operations of any activity shall not exceed the maximum allowable under the regulations of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.
When considering the acquisition of land for new commercial development, you should always engage a team of professionals to assist you with the process. Working with an experienced commercial broker is one of those instrumental team members that can help guide you. <

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