Sunday, June 28, 2015

Real Estate - Trending - By Rick Yost

Trends come and go in real estate and some trends have more legs than others. Some trends actual go in and out of vogue several times. At one time, shag carpets, paneling, and avocado colored bathroom fixtures were all the rage. You know you had them! When renovating or building a home, it is wise to pay attention to what is trending in the market place. Embrace the trends that seem to be classic or functional and avoid the trends that seem super hip or not very practical. This will protect the value of the home over time. No one wants to be selling a home with avocado bathroom fixtures in 2015.

There are some things that buyers are looking for today that seem like safe bets to build in or renovate into a home today along with that upscale kitchen everyone is looking for.

Built in storage—storage spaces that are built into unused areas of the house are not only trending high in buyer surveys right now, they are practical. Opportunities exist under stairway, behind knee walls, and crawl spaces.

Laundry rooms- today's buyer isn't just looking for a place to stick the washer and dryer. Tile floor, cabinets, fold away ironing board, and a folding table are all a part of today's laundry room. A hot trend today that seems like it will stick around.

Energy efficient appliances and features are getting plenty of attention now. Alternative heating sources, high efficiency windows, doors, and insulation, and energy savings appliances may cost a bit more, but pay for themselves in energy savings. They also make your home more attractive to future buyers. This is a trend that should defiantly be built into a new home or renovation.

Walk-in closets are a feature that the National Association of Home Builders says is high on home builders list. According to their research, 31 percent of 1,000 homeowner surveyed would give up other features in a home for his and her walk-in closets. That is a strong indication that walk-in closets should be in renovation or build plans.

Great rooms are back. Large rooms where families can gather are hot right now. They often flow to the dining room and make a great entertaining space. Great rooms are additional space that can be used in a number of ways in the future if trends change again. This flexibility makes a great room a trend that should not hurt your home value in the future

Paint trends are easy to follow and inexpensive to fix when a color that was the rage is no longer desirable. Soft grays are hot in the kitchen now. It is neutral enough with out being white or tan. Soft blues are trending in bathrooms and pastels are hot in bedrooms. Accent walls are also making a comeback. Painting walls in trending colors and styles is an inexpensive way to give a home a more modern look and can be changed easily.

If these features are incorporated in a home being built or renovated, the homeowner will realize the benefit of being trendy today and not run the risk of having to sell paneling and shag rug in the future.
Rick is a realtor, a real estate author, and long term Windham resident.

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