Friday, March 12, 2021

Real Estate: Creating a home office- Working from home

By Richie Vraux

Most essential businesses have found the need to adapt to working remotely- from your home these days. It has become the new way of life most businesses have to use to succeed in the Covid-19 age. For myself, I always liked going into the office, where everything was there in place, to help my business.  Most Real Estate offices were closed and just recently the NAR (National Association of Realtors) and the Maine Real Estate Commission have eased the restrictions to allow agents to re-enter public spaces, but we still need to wear masks, gloves and whatever else is called for by our governor.

Since this pandemic started, Zoom meetings have become our way of life for both business and our personal messages and most likely will stay as a common tool and way to do business long after this pandemic has gone by. Most businesses have adapted their way of doing business to working remotely.

There are tax advantages we can take as a result of having a home office. You will want to check with your accountant to find out the benefits and requirements of having a home office.

You will want to make it bright and cheery. Remember, this is the office adapted to your taste. You will most likely want natural light.  If you can’t, you may want to add a new window and paint it the colors you like. You will want to be disciplined and pick a designated time to accomplish your goals. We were all forced into changing our lifestyles by this awful pandemic so let’s create a healthy alternative to the office environment. Here are some more of the essentials you will want to consider:                                                   

Pick a good desk/ workstation - maybe with a new computer or upgrade. Make sure you have high speed internet, of course, with lots of broadband. Most agents work from their cellphones. They have all the apps we will ever need and a lot of agents use only their phones for everything. You will want a comfortable chair as most likely, you will be sitting in it for a long period of time so make it work for you. Also, a reliable printer to make sure you don’t have to change the ink cartridges after every 10 pages of printing like mine does. You will want to be disciplined and pick a time to accomplish your goals. Organize your day, just as if you were in the office. Have things you use often at hand. You can purchase a file draw and other office supplies to create your new office space. Now you are ready. Put on a happy face and go out and meet the world, or should I say the internet world. Good luck and stay safe. <

Richie Vraux is a Broker/REALTOR and partner at Maine’s Premier Team at Better Home and Gardens, The Masiello Group, 76 Tandberg Trail, Windham and 341 Maine St., Gorham. For Real Estate advice – Call Richie at 207-317-1297.

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