Friday, August 24, 2018

Should I sell my home now or wait until spring by Richie Vraux

Now that you have spruced up your home and made it look the best it can, should you list with the agent you have selected, or should you wait until spring- when all the other properties get listed?

The answer to those questions is clear and simple: List it now

There are several factors why. First, the competition is much less and most of the tire kickers, those who appear to be interested in purchasing a home but have no intention of doing so, lose interest in the fall. But most importantly, most of the homes have sold during the summer and people are beginning to get busy with fall and preparing themselves for holiday activities.

With a shortage of homes to sell in our area, you have a better chance to sell before the snow flies and everyone hunkers down for the long winters months. Because the market has been so saturated during the summer, now it’s been easier to show, and the buyers now are more serious. Sellers may consider more reasonable offers because the market is more flexible, and you will be more empowered to make the decision in the selling process with offers you may get with selling your home.

As the cooler season sets in, I always recommend starting a fire in the fireplace to set the tone for buyers walking into your home, getting that warm and fuzzy feeling stepping out from the cold. The ambiance of a warm fire does something for the soul. There is something about the fall that makes one feel alive and knowing you are coming home to a warm fire.

Also, there are great tax breaks to the buyers purchasing a home now. If you close before the end of the year you can write off your mortgage interest. You won't believe how much those monies add up. Since lending institutions take most of their interest within the first 5 years, you won't believe the benefits you will reap. Get ready for a windfall.

So, if you are considering selling- list it now and make your future plans while interest rates are still reasonably low, and our economy is still strong. You never know what the future will bring.

Richie Vraux is a Realtor/ Broker with RE/MAX with more than 20 years’ experience. If you need advice either to buying or selling- Call Richie @ 317 1297

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