Saturday, September 30, 2017

Help me, help you by Amy Krikken

Where do you start when you wish to put your house on the market?

Let's start with decluttering and painting! Remember you are trying to allow the buyer to be able to
picture themselves in the home. The more you cleanse the palette, the easier the buyer can achieve this. Less is definitely more when it comes to preparing your home to sell. NOT lie to your real estate agent. Tell the truth about the flaws of your home, the truth will likely come out in inspections anyway, so simply state it upfront and build trust with your potential buyer. Reasonable people understand that there is no such thing as the perfect home. 

Think about where to best spend any money on repairs and upgrades. It may not be worth it to put that brand new kitchen in because the new buyer may hate the dark granite counter tops you chose - they may have plans for white marble. However, simple fixes (fix that toilet that is always running) and refreshing touches (paint, paint and more paint) will give your home an overall feeling of cleanliness, and that will more likely translate to a higher selling price. to the feedback of the buyers that have toured your home; try to remain objective and consider what the buyer sees, and make necessary changes. 

I've saved the best advice for last: Price it right the first time! Buyers KNOW!  They have been
shopping around looking at other homes. Buyers use the internet to research and can see what homes in your neighborhood sold for. If you decide to try selling at an inflated price point, you may luck out but more likely, you will not get the traffic you hoped for, and your listing will sit on the market and be seen as “old, and that there must be something wrong with it". You will end up with a steeper price reduction than if you had simply priced it at market value in the first place. 

A good Realtor® can advise you on these and other matters, I'd love to be that Realtor® for you!  Call me anytime Amy Krikken Better Homes and Gardens/Masiello 207-317-1338

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