Friday, July 7, 2017

Buyers should get representation by Matt Trudel

Home buyers should hire a professional to guide them through the complex process, even if it is not their first time in purchasing a home. The real estate market is continually changing: different financing options, changing rules and regulations and market fluctuations of inventory - which correlates directly with pricing. Even if you bought a house 3 to 5 years ago, today's real estate market is vastly different.
A Realtor® is a professional who can take you from start to finish, and can navigate all the hurdles and obstacles that arise. A good Realtor® knows the pulse of the market, negotiates well, will find you a home with the things you desire at a favorable price point, and will continue to work with you even after the closing. You want a Realtor® who has lots of experience, because their experience is what will make your transaction smooth and successful. 

Many Realtors® are very good at networking, especially us Realtors® who have been in the business a long time. They have learned over the years, that by staying in touch with each other and by sharing what is happening with new listings or new clients, they can provide a much better service for their clients. We all have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), but it is the new listings that are going to be coming on the market or the homes that the sellers don't want advertised for sale, but are willing to sell if the realtor knows of a qualified buyer that would like their home. These are known commonly as "pocket listings".  

Work with one professional; don't try to work with several different Realtors®. It doesn't take us long in our discussions with you to find out that you are working with several agents. You want a committed, trustworthy and loyal relationship with your agent. You want to show your agent that you are committed to working with just them. That way when they hear about a new "pocket listing" coming up, you are the first one that the Realtor® will call and get you prepared to make a solid reasonable offer at the earliest opportunity.  

A good example of this was a client I was working with that was pretty sure they wanted to build a new home and not purchase an existing home. While going through plans and existing new construction, I learned the most important things they wanted in a home. A fellow Realtor®  mentioned a new listing was going to be hitting the market soon. After a short discussion I was certain the home might be the right fit for my client and after a quick walk through the home I knew it was perfect. My clients loved it and put it under contract the first day. Their loyalty to me got them the very first call. I had already gotten them pre-approved and the process went very smooth because we were prepared. 

So search out that professional that you feel comfortable with and work with them. Sign an Exclusive Buyer's Representation Agreement and start searching for your new home right way.  There are new homes hitting the market every day and the one that is just right for you might be for sale tomorrow.  Matt Trudel, Owner Five Star Realty, 207-939-6971.

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