Thursday, June 23, 2016

It's summertime - finally! - By Lisa DiBiase

Here in Maine it is safe to say, we live for the summers! Summers are meant to be embraced, however let's talk about a small 3-letter word that gets in the way of our ultimate enjoyment sometimes...


The summers can get quite hot at times and one lovely place to retreat on those ugly hot days is home! We typically do not have A/C in Maine, so what else is there to do to maintain a nice cool home for the hot and sticky days? Here are some simple tips to do to keep your home cool. Let's face it, it's only going to get warmer as the summer goes on.

1. Open windows strategically
Dont just open all the windows without a few considerations. During the evening hours, open the windows to let the cooler air in overnight. Once the outside air starts to warm up in the morning, be ready to close your windows up tight. If you are leaving for the day, you will want to shut everything up before you go out.
2. Seal the windows
Weather strip, seal and caulk leaky doors and windows. It is important to seal air leaks between your living space and the attic. Many easy-to-get materials can be used for weather stripping, including felt, foam, vinyl and metal. You should choose a type of material that will hold up well with friction, weather and temperature changes.

3. Close your blinds
Much of the unwanted heat comes through the windows, therefore having blinds and utilizing them can drastically decrease the amount of heat that comes in.

4. Don't close off doors
Closing off doors to rooms that are used can prevent the cool air from passing through during the hottest part of the day. You will want to take advantage of the cooler nights by allowing the air flow naturally throughout the home

5. Set ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise
Believe it or not the ceiling fans need to be adjusted seasonally. Set them counter-clockwise during the summer at a higher speed, the airflow with create a “breezy” feeling.

6. Turn off the lights when not in use – nothing more than that!

7. Do chores when it’s cool
From cooking to laundry, try to accomplish these chores during the evening or first thing in the morning when it is the coolest part of the day.
8. Start Grilling
Obviously it is beautiful in Maine during the summertime, so get outside and enjoy the grill! Using the oven and stove just make your home hotter! Eat on the porch/patio and enjoy the outdoors and embrace your summer.

When you are hot and sticky, make your home the place to be. With using some or all of these easy tips, you are likely to have a cool place to come home to!

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