Saturday, December 12, 2015

The time to act is now! - By Matt Trudel

This past year has been an excellent market and all signs show to home values continuing to rise next year.  So if you are planning on buying in the next three to six months, the time to act is now.  It is a perfect time to put together a team of professionals to assist you in the process.  Find yourself a realtor, a loan officer, a title company, an inspector and an insurance agent.  This is the professional team you want to form and have everyone working together to save you time and money. 
Perhaps you are thinking of waiting until next year so you can file your taxes and get a refund to assist in the closing cost or down payment.  That is not a reason to hold off your search.  Start looking now before we get buried in snow.  Financing can be held off until next year, and negotiation of that in the purchase and sale is very simple.  Many sellers are getting anxious because winter is upon us.  Sales slow down this time of year, which gives buyers an advantage in negotiating a better price and/or terms.  

Inspectors can also do a more thorough inspection when there is not two or three feet of snow on the ground.  A roof is nearly impossible to inspect when covered in snow.  Septic inspections are much easier and sometimes cannot be located if there is too much snow.  That is why you want to try to make your move now and get the ball rolling.  

On a side note for sellers who are keeping their property listed through the winter, you might want to consider having home inspections done now and provide them to your potential buyers.  This would also give you a list of things to consider fixing.

Closing on a home now, under the new lending regulations, makes the time frame 60 days or more from the time you place a home under contract.  So even if you put a home under contract next week, you would be looking at February for a closing date.  There are exceptions to this, and quicker closings are possible depending on the type of financing and the lending institution.  

So get the ball rolling, put your team of professionals together, and start your search today.

Matt Trudel- Designated Broker, Owner Five Star Realty in Windham.

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