Saturday, January 24, 2015

5 bathroom renovation trends you shouldn't miss - By Jason Rickett

If you are looking to add some change in your life or need a project to occupy your free time, consider renovating your bathroom. Bathrooms are popular rooms for remodeling projects due to their typically small size, making renovations less expensive than in other rooms. We’ve compiled a list of common

Creative storage ideas: Because bathrooms are typically smaller rooms, homeowners need to get creative about where to store their extra towels, hair products, and other bathroom supplies. Vanity cabinets with installed outlets, storage towers and tall, thin cabinets are a few popular built in features.
Entertainment features: Bathrooms are becoming larger and more comfortable – places where homeowners often spend time relaxing in privacy. For this reason, bathroom speakers and remote controlled entertainment centers have become favored.

Let in the light: Letting more natural light in the bathroom can make the room seem more peaceful, and can save you money on your electricity bill. By installing windows and skylights to you bathroom, you can give it a brand new look and make the room seem larger. Adding more mirrors will also brighten the room and enhance the appearance of extra space.

New fixtures: The knobs and spouts on showers, bathtubs, and sinks are something that homeowners rarely think about, but they can make a surprising difference to your bathroom when they’ve been updated. After all, since there are few pieces of furniture to show off in the bathroom, installing nice faucets can add the slightest sense of elegance.

Go green: By installing a water-saving showerhead and low-flow toilet, you can cut down on your water usage by a surprising amount. In addition, use sustainable, fluorescent light bulbs to reduce energy usage. By going green in the bathroom, you can help save the planet while at the same time saving money.

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