Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It's not all about you! By Matt Trudel

When selling your home, a key point to remember, is it's not all about you! Unlike when you are buying a home and it is all about you, selling is all about the prospective buyers. Those are the people you are trying to impress and dazzle with all the special attributes your home has to offer. Here are a few fun things to think about if you are selling your home or maybe thinking of selling it soon.
Perhaps you have lived a few decades in the home, or just a few years. More than likely you are very comfortable with your home the way it is. That doesn't mean the buyers walking through the property will like the salmon colored accent wall, your favorite lilac bushes in the front that have taken over your picture window, or the plum colored front door. Most buyers can't see past a dated or bad paint job. Often they just move on to the next house.

Stand out at the front of your driveway and take a good look at your property. List 5 to 10 things you think could look better or be changed. Don't see anything. Go get a couple neighbors and ask them to do the same. If they agree with you, then great job. 

I highly doubt that will be the case. Neighbors almost always have an opinion on what could or should be changed. Not many people really think those big tarp like moveable garages look good. 

Got your list. Now go get it done. Curb appeal can make all the difference in getting an offer or not.

Some of us just are not that good with keeping up with current colors and trends. Others seem to have a gift for it. Hiring a professional interior decorator to walk through your home and point out changes can be worth all the money and more. From changing furniture in a room, to painting a few walls, and just updating kitchen knobs, can net big returns that far outweigh the cost of the improvements. Not only will you get more money for your home, it will likely sell faster and before your competition sells.

Lastly. Remember it's not about you personally. We all get attached to our homes. We have put hard work into keeping them up and looking the way we want. Try to keep in mind it is more of a business transaction. Hopefully this helps and provided a little strategy to get your house ready when you are ready to put it on the market.

Matt Trudel- a broker and the owner of Five Star Realty in Windham

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